Thursday, May 26, 2016

Help Support Nathan Grutchfield - Writing for the Bridge

Please Support Nathan Grutchfield
Writing for the Bridge about The Old Meeting House

 Dear Parishioners of The Old Meeting House,
One of the most exciting achievements for The Bridge last year was the publication in July of The Breeze -- a newspaper written and edited by a range of students in our community. The youngest was 10 the oldest was 21. This was led by Lindsey Grutchfield, who had just graduated Montpelier High School and went on to study journalism at American University in Washington D.C. She wrote for The Bridge for two years prior to that.
We are hoping to bring back The Breeze this summer if  we can raise $4,500.00 to pay for two broadsheet issues — one as the summer opens and one at summer's end. They will be mailed with The Bridge to each home in the 05602 zip code.
Our summer intern Nathan Grutchfield, going into grade 11 at Montpelier High School will lead the project. Nathan has written a story about The Old Meeting House, so that is why I thought you might want to support the project. As the project gains steam many others will be involved as well.
We are hoping scores of people will contribute to this Kickstarter campaign to make it possible for us to work on a writing and editing project for youth, by youth.

The Montpelier Bridge

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Congrats and Good Work!


Alice Curchin, daughter of Sarah Kinter and Tom Curchin, and OMH confirmation/youth alum was recently featured in the "Heroes" section of Dr. Oz's magazine.  Congrats, Alice, and what great work.